Alexa Skill Monetization Stats


At the beginning of this year (February 2017), I built and published an Alexa Skill. The Skill overview and source code can be seen HERE and on the Alexa Skill Store HERE.

Last week, I received very exciting news that my Alexa Skill had good engagement statistics for the month of September 2017, and as a result Amazon is sending a reward check for the Skill’s performance statistics. $111.46 for September’s Skill Performance… not bad!

The exact reward structure is not published, but Amazon offers guidelines HERE

For reference and transparency to anyone who may find this helpful, below are several of the performance statistics for my Grammar Tool Skill:

Unique User Downloads / Skill “Enablements” (February - September):

Unique User Downloads / Skill “Enablements” (September only):

Skill Requests (February - September):

Skill Requests (September only):

Repeat Visitors (Users who invoked the Skill in September and in at least one other previous month):
48 (4% of total visitors for the month)

Net-New Customer Reviews in September:
3 (out of 10 reviews)

Now that the Skill has the potential to make money, it is time to update some functionality and content, explore some marketing ideas, and of course make some new skills!